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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Three more Fallout: New Vegas DLC packs to come

When compared to how much I played Fallout 3, I've barely touched Fallout: New Vegas. I mean, I've played it a lot, enough to complete a single playthrough and most of another but I still feel like that is a criminally small amount of time spent with one of the best open-world action/RPGs on the market.

One DLC pack was already released for New Vegas, but I never got around to it (entitled "Dead Money"). A friend played it and it sounded too much like "The Pitt" DLC from Fallout 3, in that you get stuck in a new environment and have your weapons and items stripped from you, leaving you to make due with whatever you can acquire. However, the next few that Bethesda have lined up really piqued my interest.

The first pack, which will be released on May 17, is entitled "Honest Hearts" and will see you taking on a band of tribal raiders in Utah's Zion National Park. Some info on this pack was leaked last month and if my memory serves, this pack may be shedding more light on Joshua Graham, aka "The Burned Man." In June, "Old World Blues" will see you taken captive and turned into a lab rat. You'll apparently be in or find your way to Big Mountain, also known as The Big Empty, and use the tech you find there to escape. In July you'll be confronting the original Courier Six in "The Lonesome Road," the man who refused to carry the Platinum Chip that led to you being attacked and left for dead in the Mojave.

Each pack will be $10 and released for PC, PSN and 360.


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