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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Title Update 3 for State of Decay goes live

Of all the reasons that make “State of Decay” a great game, one of the most important is that developer Undead Labs continues to support the game with title updates occasionally, fixing any bugs or glitches as well as adding new features to extend the life of the game. The most recent update, Title Update 3, fixed several small problems as well as adding a feature that many gamers have been asking for.

Earlier today, Undead Labs posted notes about Title Update 3 on their website which you can read in its entirety here. The first noted update is for players who have experienced problems while trying to maintain a larger community. It seems, especially earlier in the game, that players have encountered crashes and glitches, with some being unable to load their game, if their community population is larger. I usually hovered around 12-14 survivors all told and never seemed to have a problem in this vein though the notes never list the population sizes that caused problems.

The biggest piece of news from Title Update 3 is having the ability to recruit another survivor to follow you. The notes say that survivors will be able to follow you on “most non-storyline missions.” I would assume this is because many story missions usually involve meeting another NPC or two and bringing your own would likely make these missions too easy. With the announcement that multiplayer for “State of Decay” would likely never happen, fans had been clamoring for the ability to form your own party of survivors.

Other notable fixes include – survivors who have been kicked out no longer take up space in your journal or take up bed space; the Snyder Trucking Warehouse will now repair vehicles parked in designated spots (this was a big problem for me); you can no longer move to a new Home location that supports fewer Outposts than you already control; changes implemented to ensure zombies are actually present when taking people on training or morale missions (another problem I ran into occasionally). There are several other updates not detailed in this post that you can read about in the link above.

I’d also like to take this time to point out that nowhere on this list of Title Update 3 notes does it mention a “sandbox mode.” In late July, I started seeing news stories about a new mode for “State of Decay” that promised to be like the single player game is now, except with all narrative missions removed. Your main goal would be survival, scavenging and growing your population until you’ve cleared out the current valley and ready to move to the “next” valley – next being in quotations because it would be the same map, just a higher level of difficulty and more zombies. Back when I originally read about this fabled sandbox mode, I swore that I also saw that it would be released with Title Update 3. However, after reading over the notes released by Undead Labs, there wasn’t any mention of the new mode. I have yet to actually play “State of Decay” with the new update, seeing as I’ve been at work all day, but I have to figure they would have mentioned an entirely new mode along with telling us about random glitches and bugs being fixed.


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