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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Quick hits – PlayStation Now, Mercenary Kings and GTA Online heists

Stream your games with PlayStation Now
During the last console generation, I sided with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 over Sony’s PlayStation 3. Don’t get me wrong, I would’ve had both if I could, but I didn’t have the time or money for two consoles. While I was more than happy with the 360’s exclusives, I kept hearing great things about Sony’s PS3 exclusive lineup – specifically games like “The Last of Us” and the “Uncharted” series.

Now that I’ve switched sides and own a PlayStation 4 instead of Xbox One, I’m stoked to find out about PlayStation Now, a streaming service set to launchthis summer that will allow gamers to stream popular PS3 games on PS3 and PS4 consoles as well as the PS Vita. The article also mentions that Sony BRAVIA TVs will also eventually support PS Now.

You’ll be able to fully stream games through Sony’s cloud-based technology, allowing you to play your games across devices, meaning you won’t need to lug your console around if you travel a lot, for instance. No word on how much this service will cost, though, or if it will be packaged with the PlayStation Network in some way. Cause I would love to play “The Last of Us” but I’m not too keen on having to sign up for another service just to do so. Though, this option is definitely still cheaper than purchasing a PS3.

Mercenary Kings now free on PlayStation Network
PlayStation Network subscribers will be able to download “Mercenary Kings” for free this month, a four player, online, cooperative, side-scrolling, 8-bit inspired shooter. Mercenary Kings is an interesting title as it melds an old school, 8-bit theme onto modern ideas like weapon crafting and item collection.

I’ve only played 15-20 minutes of Mercenary Kings and so far, I’m intrigued enough to want to continue though I am a bit wary of its presentation. I like the visuals and the chip-tune style music sets the tone perfectly, but things like limited range of motion, time limits and randomness of collectibles might throw off those too entrenched in modern shooting titles. But on the lookout for a full review coming soon.

Heists coming to GTA Online
Spring is (allegedly) here and with it comes another round of updates for Rockstar Games’ premiere title, Grand Theft Auto V. The updates, which will be rollingout sporadically over the next few months, features several additions to Grand Theft Auto Online in the form of new weapons, vehicles and clothing options, the ability to create customized games of “Capture” and perhaps the most highly anticipated feature of GTA Online – heists.

The High Life update will allow you to “expand your foothold in Los Santos” by offering new, high-end apartment options, new weaponry (like the Bullpup Rifle), new wardrobe options and new vehicles like the Dinka Thrust motorcycle and the Pegassi Zentorno super car. This update will also let you “own two distinct properties (with garages) simultaneously.” Along with those in-game additions, this update will also unveil the new player “Mental State” statistic so you can see right away who is a regular player and who is a psychopath in your game. And, like all updates before, there will be new Jobs available with this update.

Additionally, the Capture Creator will be available “next week” according to Rockstar.

And though the addition of heists to GTA Online has been hotly anticipated, Rockstar didn’t elaborate at all how they will work online. I haven’t played GTA Online in a long time but I would definitely be tempted back if the heist options are interesting enough – as well as lucrative. The article ends by saying there will be many more additions to GTA V and GTA Online in the form of holiday-themed updates and story mode DLC.


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