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Friday, August 9, 2013

State of Decay Stories - The Story So Far

Right off the bat, no new addition to “S.O.D.S.” this week. We’ve been doing training with new software at the Delco News Network this week and it’s taken up most of the time I usually sit around and brainstorm things for this blog. But, I will keep working on more new updates for the future.

For now, I thought I would compile all the parts of the story so far into one post so they’re all easily accessible and in order.

If you haven’t read any of these so far, my idea with “State of Decay Stories” is to relate all my experiences with the game in a more dramatic, narrative tone. I’ve tried to have my stories revolve around the emergent gameplay that I’ve experienced throughout the game and not so much the story/narrative that is part of the game.

The story of the single-player portion of “State of Decay” isn’t anything special and I found the stories that happened before my very eyes as I played to be much more interesting, so I started taking down notes, rubbed a little “wordsmith” dust on them and “State of Decay Stories” was born. Also, I’ve tried to add a little at the end of each entry to give some background about what was going through my head as I played the game and my own reactions to the story that was playing out.

See the links below for the story so far.

#1 – In the beginning –
#2 – The Gun Store –
#3 – Ed’s Return –
#4 – A Brother’s Promise: Part 1 –
#5 – A Brother’s Promise: Part 2 –


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