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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Homefront: The Revolution brings the war to Philadelphia

I only have one reason to post about this just announced, upcoming game. The setting.

The first capitol of our country and the greatest city in America – Philadelphia.

The “Homefront” series tells the story of North Korea invading North America. Created by Crytek, the studio behind “Far Cry” and “Crysis,” the “Homefront” series puts an interesting spin on the first-person shooter formula and forces players to focus on guerilla warfare and tactics, rather than massive shootouts and battles, like in the other games Crytek is known for.

In “Homefront: The Revolution,” players act as a citizen turned freedom fighter, working with the resistance to free Philadelphia from the iron grip of the North Korean forces. Set in the near future, “Homefront: The Revolution” will feature non-linear gameplay, meaning players will, most likely, be able to choose from assorted missions to lessen the hold that the invading army has over the city.

The concept of this reminds me a lot of the PlayStation 2 title “Freedom Fighters,” a third-person action game where you played as an ordinary citizen fighting against an occupying Soviet army in New York City (I think it was NYC, I played it a long time ago). The trailer for “The Revolution” gives me hope for destructible environments and vehicular combat but really, I’m considering this game already bought if for no other reason than its set in Philadelphia.

No word on a release date yet but since it was just announced, I wouldn’t expect this game before the 2014 holiday season or sometime in 2015.

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