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Friday, November 1, 2013

GTA Online stimulus package deposit slated for next week

If you're like me, you've had mixed results with GTA Online. The first few days to a week, it was a torturous affair to try and play but since then things have become more stable. Characters aren't being lost anymore, stats are being tracked correctly and most people have been using the mode to act like ruthless, vicious, psychopaths who won't hesitate to trash your car and gun you down for the few dollars in your pocket. Overall it's a lot of fun.

But it seemed that Rockstar felt really badly about the poor experiences that people had with GTA Online in the early days of its launch and wanted to make it up to them. And to do that, Rockstar decided to make two massive deposits of GTA Online cash to every player who has played Online during the month of October. The stimulus package, as it's being called, was set to drop sometime in October...but it seems that Rockstar had to make more tweaks and fix more bugs than initially thought in order to make it rain on its users. The first deposit of $250,000 is, allegedly, set to be deposited in player's accounts next week, with the Beach Bum content pack (which is free, BTW) as well as Content Creator tools, on the way soon afterward.

While I like the idea of Rockstar wanted to assuage gamers who felt slighted that a game, which is basically an MMO, didn't work right IMMEDIATELY - I don't know if such a huge influx of cash was necessarily the right move either. Considering that earning cash through robberies, missions, races and other game types is basically the only reason to play (along with earning RP/XP to rank up), giving away such a huge amount of money almost defeats the reason to play. Granted, all that cash will do for lower level players is allow them to buy more pistol rounds and light armor, so maybe all that extra dough won't create the lawless wasteland that I'm fearing it will.

Financially minded players, with a few levels under their belts, will be able to purchase cars, garages, apartments and other fun stuff (planes, boats, etc) with the cash. Some might even want to save it for when the stock market comes online. But like heists (or the stimulus money, or the content creator), who knows when the stock market will be available.

As for myself, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my stimulus cash. I might buy an apartment...but then again, why buy an apartment when I could buy a super car!

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