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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Codemasters teases a new Overlord game

Apparently, a new Overlord game is in the works and developer Codemasters is close to revealing new information on the project. A video just released on the Overlord YouTube channel titled “Previously on Overlord” recaps the events of the previous Overlord games and teases a new one, which seems to feature four playable characters and brief glimpses of the game in action.

At the end of the video screen says “Join the Fellowship” with a date of April 23, 9 am EST and a URL for

Where the previous Overlord games were third person action/adventure games, this one seems to be presented in overhead, isometric view similar to Diablo. It remains to be seen how this will affect or change the core gameplay and whether the multiple playable characters hints at multiplayer (cooperative or competitive) or if there are just more playable characters to pick from this time around.

The new Overlord seems to feature four playable characters

The previous Overlord games saw you take on the role of, surprisingly, The Overlord, who controls legion of minions to take over the lands around his Dark Tower. The Overlord and minions can be controlled at the same time, with the minions being directed to complete tasks and attack enemies while the Overlord himself can wield different weapons, magic and so on. The minions also have different abilities to navigate various areas, which introduces puzzle elements into the games as well.

The new Overlord may have a new perspective, akin to Diablo

I was a big fan of the original two Overlord games and have been hoping that another would eventually see the light of day. The interesting gameplay mixed with detailed, cartoony worlds along with the trademark humor of the minions really made the Overlords games a lot of fun to play and I’m hoping this new entry in the series continues to present those elements.

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